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Cable 1m USB-A a USB-C Acodado a la Derecha

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his right-angle USB to USB-C™ cable is great for charging your mobile devices in a car, or for accessing your phone or tablet while it's connected to a wall charger or laptop.\n\nConnect with ease\nThe cable features a right-angled USB Type-C™ connector that lets you connect to ports that are difficult to reach, which is perfect for charging your car-mounted mobile devices. You can position the cable to the left or right of your mobile device, in either portrait or landscape mode. Even while you’re charging your mobile device, you can use it to text, work or game, without the cable getting in the way.\n\nThe angled connector also prevents the cable from bending awkwardly or from straining too much to make a connection. It offers a more natural fit at the connection point, preventing unnecessary stress and damage to the cable and device port.\n\nCharge and sync your USB mobile devices\nReplace the USB to USB-C cable that came with your mobile device, or keep one as a spare while traveling so that your mobile devices will be ready to use while you’re on the road.\n\nThe USB2AC1MR from StarTech is backed by a lifetime warranty for guaranteed reliability.




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